I've had a recurring dream since I fled the Yarmouk Refugee Camp and came to Beirut. The dream takes me back to besieged Yarmouk, where death and destruction have found a way to settle in all its details. I am not sure whether it is a dream or a nightmare. But I live in this open-ended waiting with images of that place and the difficulty of abandoning it. Maybe the sound of my friend Ayham's piano changed the nightmare into dream and the place into a legend. Here, there is no geography, a place between two times, the first is... more

"Street Music"


"Street Music" takes us on a journey through the world of music, youth and freedom, from Damascus to the streets of Beirut, its Syrian director Orwa Al Meqdad using this short film to introduce us to lives and characters that shatter the stereotypical images of Syrians in Lebanon that are peddled by the populist media.    Forced to flee their homeland Syria by events following the revolution, three young musicians and a female singer met in Beirut and decided to form their little group of buskers. The home of a friend was the only place they had to practice and the only... more
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