"Street Music"


“A journey through the world of music, youth and freedom”

"Street Music" takes us on a journey through the world of music, youth and freedom, from Damascus to the streets of Beirut, its Syrian director Orwa Al Meqdad using this short film to introduce us to lives and characters that shatter the stereotypical images of Syrians in Lebanon that are peddled by the populist media.   
Forced to flee their homeland Syria by events following the revolution, three young musicians and a female singer met in Beirut and decided to form their little group of buskers. The home of a friend was the only place they had to practice and the only place they had to perform was Hamra Street, that noisy thoroughfare in the heart of Beirut thronged with young people out to sample its many clubs, bars and restaurants and its impressive array of cultural events and activities. During their regular sessions, these four young friends would delve into their memories of Syria, their yearning and their hopes of returning, determined to create their own private space, far from the troubles and cares they experienced on a daily basis as refugees in the Lebanese capital.

Director: Orwa Al Mokdad
Duration: 24:53
Year of production: 2014
Produced by: Bidayyat


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