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Amer Al-barzawi


Born in 1987 to Syrian parents, Amer Albarzawi grew up in Damascus. He has long loved music, theatre and cinema and, after studying economics at the University of Damascus, he joined a theatre dance group. He has worked with several theatre groups from 2005 to 2016 and participated in many Arab and international dance festivals.

He directed the stop motion film “Fade to black”, which was awarded with the Special Jury Award from the Toronto urban film festival last year.

He directed the stop motion film “Yaman” which was awarded the “Best Short Film Award” at Dhaka international film festival.

Wael Hamada
Wael Hamada was born in Damascus in 1985. He studied Law and Cinematography at the University of Damascus. He has participated in a number of film-related activities and workshops and is currently working on his documentary feature, "The Sea belongs to Mariam".

Afraa Batous
Afraa Batous was born in Aleppo-Syria in 1986. Graduated from Faculty of Arts and Humanities, English Literature section in 2008. Worked in theater for five years in Aleppo and directed her first experimental theater performance in 2012 in Jordan "Who Have Seen Is Not like who’s not". In 2014 she finished her first documentary short film "Haj Abd the Fawwal" screened at "Arab Short film Festival" In Beirut and FIFAK film festival in Tunisia. "Skin", is her latest feature documentary.


Doha Hassan
Doha Hassan is a journalist and photographer. Her work in journalism includes two years in charge of the Syria desk at NOW lebanon website, she has been published on a number of online news outlets (Al Hayat, Almudon, Al Jumhuriya), and for two years, until its eventual closure, she was a reporter and producer for Orient TV in Damascus. She has been media coordinator for several cultural events, including the DOX BOX International Documentary Film Festival organized by Syrian company Proaction Films in 2011, the Contemporary Dance Festival organized by Tanween Dance Theater in 2010, and the 2010 Contemporary Sculpture Symposium. In 2010, after six months working as a volunteer with an independent group of journalists and activists she held an exhibition of her photographs about Syrian migrants entitled “Temporary.

She has also done work as a photographer for a number of cultural institutes and centers. In 2012 worked for the documentary film production company Proaction Films as a communications director. In 2013 she won the Samir Kassir Prize for Press Freedom. The Syrian League for Citizenship released a collection of her articles entitled "Table Ground"

Salah Achkar
Born in Aleppo in 1988, Al Achkar received a degree in Banking from Aleppo University and was forced to give up a degree in IT Studies midway through his first year. He worked as a cameraman for AFP before working as a cameraman and producer for the Al Jazeera news channel.  He was a co-founder of the Rouh Media Group, producing a number of short films including "Red 1", "Red for Whoever Deserves Love", and "I Shot down the Plane". He participated in the Syria Mobile Phone Film Festival, using his camera-phone to shoot and direct a film entitled "A Garden and a Graveyard". He is a member of the Road of Bread theater group.

Lina Alabed
A Palestinian filmmaker Born in 1980, Graduate from the Faculty of journalism- Damascus University. Her graduation project was a documentary film about a Syrian author Mohamed Al-Maghout, broadcasted on Al-jazeera channel in 2007. Her first short documentary "Noor Alhuda" was produced by Al-Arabiya channel awarded the DOX-BOX jury prize as the best Syrian documentary film in 2010. She produced and directed her feature documentary film "Damascus my first kiss", where its premiered in Doc Leipzig, and broadcasted on arte channel in 2013. "A Dream of Powerful Monsters", her second short film was awarded the best documentary film at the Arab Short Festival in Beirut 2014. Her new project “Ibrahim” won the prize of OIF during the Beirut Cinema Platform in 2015. 

Rami Nihawi

Born in 1982 in Lebanon, Rami graduated from the Lebanese University in 2005 with a bachelor degree in Acting and Directing. Since then, he participated in numerous acting, directing & documentary film-writing workshops. He worked as editor & videographer for many short documentaries & journalistic reports. In 2007, Rami finished his first short documentary film "Revenging for the astronaut", Produced by Arab Institute Film (AIF). He established with a group of Arab filmmakers, in 2011, a production company “SakadoLTD” based in Beirut. In 2011, he completed his feature documentary “Yamo” co-Produced by Umam Production & SakadoLTD. He Co-produced in 2012, “Damascus My First Kiss” a film by Lina Al-Abed, produced by SakadoLTD. In 2012, he was the line producer for “Off Frame” a documentary film By Mohaned Yaakoubi, produced By Idioms Film in Jordan & Lebanon Since 2013, Rami have been working as producer for SakadoLTD.

Ziad Kalthoum
Ziad Kalthoum (Homs, Syria, 1981) graduated in film; he worked as an assistant director on several films, series and TV programs, including Ladder to Damascus by Mohammad Malas (2013). In 2011 he directed his first documentary, Oh, My Heart which was selected for the Carthage Film Festival.

Ziad's first feature length documentary "The immortal sergeant" (75 min), released in 2013, deals with the schizophrenic daily life and encounters he makes between his mandatory military service in the Syrian Army and his role as assistant director during Mohammad Malas' shooting of "Ladder to Damascus". Among others, the film was shown at the Locarno Film Festival 2014 and the Fribourg International Film Festival 2015.
His latest documentary ”Taste of cement”, was granted the award of Best feature film of the International Competition at Visions Du Reel film festival.



Sara Fattahi
Documentary Filmmaker & painter

Born in Damascus, 1983, she Studied Law at Damascus University, and a graduate of Adham Ismail "Fine art Institute in Damascus".
2010 she started producing and directing her own documentary films independently. "27 Meters" was here first short documentary, produced in 2013. "COMA" her first feature long documentary, produced in 2015, was granted the Regard Neuf Award for the Best First Feature Film at Visions du Réel edition 2015.
She moved recently to Lebanon where she is preparing her second feature long documentary "Chaos".

Reem Ali
Reem is a filmmaker & a renowned Syrian actress, born in Damascus 1977. She holds a B.A from the "Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts" in Damascus, Reem took part in in many remarkable Theatre plays, films and TV series. She enrolled at the Film Academy in Amman in 2007, specializing in documentary films. Her journey as a filmmaker started in 2000, when she directed her first short film "Nostalgia". In 2008 she directed her first documentary "Zabad" (Foam) which gained international recognition and participated in many international festivals.

Filmography “HANIN”   Short film (4') .“ZABAD” Documentary (41')

Abo Ghabi
Syrian Palestinian writer, musician and singer. Born in Yarmouk Camp (1982). Abo Ghabi holds a B.A. in Journalism from "Damascus University". He took part in establishing "Reaction" the Palestinian Creative Collective in Al Yarmouk Camp, Damascus, in which he participated in the collective direction of several short films & theater plays.

Abo Ghabi composed music original scores for many films & theatrical plays. His repertoire includes collaborations with musicians from around the world, and he recently launched his album "Hijaz Harb" in Beirut.

Filmography :"BLUE" Short Film 

Orwa Mokdad
Orwa Mokdad (Syria – born in 1985) is a journalist and filmmaker. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at the Damascus University. He has published opinion articles since 2010 in various Syrian newspapers, in the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat and in Lebanese news websites NOW and Al-Modon. He wrote the script of various theater plays and TV series. He covered developments in Deraa from 2011 to 2014 for Al-Jazeera, BBC, France 24 and Orient TV. In 2011, he co-founded a local newspaper entitled Suryatuna. 

Filmography :
Being good so far Part 1" - "Being Good so Far2"

"Under Aleppo Sky" 

"Under the Tank" 

"Street Music" winner of Best Audiovisual Contribution by Samir Kassir Foundation - 2014

"300 miles", winner of the prize of Best First Feature Film comprising Competitions and New Visions, Doclisboa Film Festival.