Testimony of loyalty


“In Syria, thousands of detainees lost their lives under the horror of torture”

In Syria, thousands of detainees have been taken down to the basements of death, forcibly disappearing, their lives being left at the mercy of the torturer’s breathless beatings.Their lives stop existing in the prison’s dungeons, only their souls being left to transcend the walls and the torturer extinguishes the detainees’ human existence in the torture cells, ending the lives of our beloved ones with a simple paper, the certificate of death.

This is the story of the artist Hassan Hassan, as it is the story of thousands of detainees in Syria, whether Palestinians or Syrians.     

Director: Hasan Tanji
Duration: 06:29
Year of production: 2014
Produced by: Reaction - Palestinian Assembly of Creation
Supported by: Bidayyat