“The camera accompanies Mohamad during his journey in Hamra Street in Beirut to make his living”

The random shelling in Syria led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Syrian families inside Syria, but also to neighboring countries. Often, the families had to flee without the fathers, as they disappeared in prisons or died. As a result, many of the displaced children are now forced to work due to the former sole breadwinner. 
In Beirut, the Lebanese capital, tens of children daily roam the city's streets as street vendors, selling flowers or chewing gum almost as if they are begging. These children are trying to help their families to survive in one of the most expensive countries of the Arab world. 

This short film by Nanda Al Dolani - and it is her second film - is an attempt to portray the nighttime working shifts of Mohamed, a 10 years old boy, who is only one of the many children who are working whole nights through selling items in the streets of Beirut. 


Director:  Nanda Al Dolani
Duration: 12:15 
Production year: 2014
Produced by: Bidayyat