Taste of Cement in Three Upcoming Festivals.


“Taste of Cement is participating in three film festivals in Europe, this summer.”

Ziad Kalthoum's TASTE OF CEMENT, produced by Bidayyat and BASIS BERLIN Filmproduktion in 2017, will be this year’s Opening Night gala at the Open City Documentary, and so its UK premiere will take place on Tuesday 5 September at Picturehouse Central.

Taste of Cement will also be in the official competition of the Kosovo International Documentary Film Festival that will run from August 4 till August 12.

The film will participate in Visioni dal mondo in Milano that will run between October 5 and October 8 in Milan.

"Taste of cement", explores the impact that the destruction and fighting in Syria has on the lives of Syrian construction workers living in Lebanon, taking a close look at the thorny relationship between the workers and the society around them and the details of their daily lives, whether at the construction sites themselves or the hostels where they stay.