The image of the oppressor and the image of the victim in war


  Since the start of the Syrian revolution, debate has raged over the importance of the image, its potency and the different ways by which one can engage with it. In this article, we attempt to participate in this debate from a different angle: dealing with the power of the image, its aims, its audience and the ease (or difficulty) of accessing it, by reference to what is technically known as “hors champ” or “out of frame”—a concept that incorporates both the problem at hand and a means to solve it.     The power of the image   History tells us, unfortunately, that in wartime... more
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Locked in this closed space without hope or future, your screams get louder while the images follow one after the other in your head, your feelings and thoughts revolt, desperately longing for freedom. The soul disconnects itself from the body, thus freeing itself from the pain caused by all fetters and regimes, trying to escape the world of words in search for its humanity. Then, there will be only one thing left… A naked body. This film is an appeal to freedom for all prisoners in Syria, whether they are in the hands of the Syrian regime, the Islamic State in... more
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"Being good so far''


In his first experimental film " Being good so far'' , the Director Orwa Moqdad, tries to record by his lens what is being usually absent and ignored in the media, surpassing the images of destruction and violence, to scenes of humane life of the population in the neighborhood of Al-Sha'ar in Aleppo city, that neighborhood where it's raining shells every day since it was liberated from the Syrian regime forces. The filmmaker said: "all this quantity of blood that bleeding every day did not prevent people to continue their lives, there is a deep desire in life surrounded by death. It's the liberated... more
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