“Ibrahim” a film by Lina Alabed


  Ibrahim is a secret member of the Palestinian Militant Organization “Revolutionary Council” (Abu Nidal), which was known for its notorious intelligence affairs. My Father, Ibrahim, disappeared in 1987,I was 5 years old, he said his mission will taken few days, but never returned home.   Growing up in a house where silence was the general atmosphere, my mother Najat, an Egyptian lady, had to continue her life normally and raise the five kids of Ibrahim in Damascus, only blaming her misfortune.   My film deals with the story behind the disappearance of my father Ibrahim Alabed, a door that was never opened in our family,... more
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“Umbilical Cord”, a film by Doha Hassan


  A year ago my head began to reject my hair, like those places in which I’ve lived, the countries that rejected me. Land after land, one place after another: Palestine, Syria, and now, Lebanon—those countries that have failed and have burdened me with their failure.   The Gulf War, the family’s constant sundering. Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Berlin: parts of myself scattered across all these places. My memory, riddled with holes. My present and my death.   In Umbilical Cord I assemble an archive of my family in Kuwait: my dead memory of family. I embark on a quest for the unknown part of... more
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Testimony of loyalty


In Syria, thousands of detainees have been taken down to the basements of death, forcibly disappearing, their lives being left at the mercy of the torturer’s breathless beatings.Their lives stop existing in the prison’s dungeons, only their souls being left to transcend the walls and the torturer extinguishes the detainees’ human existence in the torture cells, ending the lives of our beloved ones with a simple paper, the certificate of death. This is the story of the artist Hassan Hassan, as it is the story of thousands of detainees in Syria, whether Palestinians or Syrians.        Director: Hasan Tanji Duration: 06:29 Year of production: 2014 Produced... more
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The film “sage” deals with the consecutive expulsions and displacements (in Arabic: Al Nakba – The catastrophe) that the Syrian Palestinians have suffered from in their lives, the latest being the expulsion from Syria.  Abu Al Tayeb – a main character of this short film – has experienced with his family the expulsion of 1948 from the Palestinian Territories and the expulsion following the Palestinian uprising in the 1980s. However, he lives his most disturbing displacement when he is forced to leave Syria in 2013, as living in this country is like the oxygen he needs to breathe. Abu Al Tayeb... more
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Palestine film foundation


The first London Palestine Film Festival was held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in Spring 1999. In response to public interest, the organisers decided in 2004 to establish the Palestine Film Foundation (PFF) as a body dedicated to the coordination of the festival and to the archiving of audiovisual materials related to Palestine.    The PFF is a nonprofit initiative which seeks to develop an audience for and to encourage the development of a Palestinian cinema and cinema related to Palestine. It is managed by a network of academics, curators, filmmakers, and volunteers from Palestine, the UK and... more



If the "MiG" didn't show up, it could've been just another ordinary day. But it was there, looking for love to shatter, and blow away the features of my exile the "camp", palestine's twin. The bedroom, the beautiful nights and the morning coffee were all exposed to the streets and the main square. At that very moment, Dunia my love and my wife, was dead to me. This movie is about the Palestinian refugee camp "al Yarmouk" on December 16th, when it was attacked by the Syrian regime's "MiGs", as a punishment for sheltering displaced Syrians & Palestinians whom lost their neighborhoods due... more
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