The boy and the sea


    The story did not begin with the worldwide TV snatched image of the Syrian child Elan, thrown on the Turkish shores by the waves, and it definitely did not end with it. Once upon a time there was a boy who had joy in drawing the sea. One day, into the bottom of the sea he dove, in hope of escaping war and misery. Alas, he found himself trapped amongst swarms of screens that distorted his image and stole his story. No, the story did not end, images are still flowing and the world is still watching…     Director: Samer Ajouri Duration: 6:00 Year of production: 2016 Produced by:... more

Now: End of season


  Garage Izmir is in the middle of the long migratory journey that thousands of Syrian refugees pass through daily to take the sea route to Europe, after a long wait in Turkey. Will this journey be delayed one more day?   Director: Ayman Nahle Duration: 20:00 Year of production: 2015 Produced by: Bidayyat  
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Article in the “Agenda Culturel” on the short film “Yaman”


    ‘Yaman’ c’est le nouveau court-métrage saisissant des artistes syriens du collectif Maajooneh qui a pu être réalisé grâce notamment au soutien de l’ONG Bidayyat. Ce film est donc l’œuvre d’artistes exilés depuis quelques années, au Liban et en Turquie, qui racontent par leur art l’anéantissement progressif de toute forme d’innocence dans leur pays et pour le peuple syrien.   Après avoir réalisé un court-métrage intitulé ‘Fade To Black’, qui évoquait la transformation de la situation de la ville de Raqqa devenue capitale de la barbarie et de l’inhumanité, le film, sans paroles, montrait simplement l’évolution émotionnelle et vestimentaire d’une jeune femme, prise... more
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Article in the “heraldscotland” on Bidayyat short films, screened at Glasgow film festival


  THE caption included in the closing credits brings you up short and reminds you just how perilous life is in Syria. During the four months it took to make the short film, ‘Siege’, one film-maker lost his father to a sniper from the Assad regime. Another was almost kidnapped, and a third was killed during an ISIS attack on the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp in Damascus. The casualties did not end there. The co-ordinator of the Watad Center, the main partner in the making of the short film, was assassinated in his home.   “This is just a small glimpse of the siege on Southern... more
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Love during the siege


  More than two years have passed and the Syrian regime still besieges the Southern suburbs of Damascus where a population of more than 100,000 people live until today. During those two years, more than 200 died of hunger and the lack of medical care. The remaining still live under the siege, surviving only by what grows from the earth such as grass and other green leafs and vegetables. They fight the siege and hunger through hope and love they have learned to find during the hardest of time.      Director: Mattar Ismaeel Duration: 15:35 Produced by: Bidayyat  Year of production: 2015  

Norwegian short film festival Grimstad


The Norwegian Short Film Festival is an important debut arena for many young filmmakers in Norway, and for the more established filmmakers perhaps the most important showcase for free and independent movies in Norway. The competition for international short film also attracts filmmakers from the rest of the world to Grimstad, and the festival wishes to arrange for bonds to be tied between the Norwegian and the international film community.   Film categories accepted Film must not exceed 35 minutes and have premiered after June of previous year Deadline for submission March of each year More information

UPPSALA INT'L short film festival


Founded in 1982, Uppsala International Short Film Festival has since become Sweden’s premier arena for short film, having attained both national recognition of the Swedish Film Institute and genuine international renown. In addition, the festival is the most important international cultural event in Uppsala. Every year the festival shows more than 300 short films in five different sections exploring the diversity and richness of the short film – from new film to retrospective programmes, from fiction film, documentaries and experimental film to animations.   Uppsala International Short Film Festival is recognised by Academy of MotionPicture Arts and Sciences, which means that winning... more