"300 Miles" a film by Orwa Al Mokdad


  Orwa Al Mokdad starts a journey from Daraa, southern Syria, to Aleppo, northern Syria, to understand the reasons that have shattered the whole Arab region over the country’s history and the distance that has grown for the past five years, since the beginning of the Syrian war. A distance that has split the region and its inhabitants into North and South. This film has received the support of Bidayyat’s documentary grant 2014
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The Camera and the Samopal


  The sky fell. The rusty fragments of metal rent air thick with the reek of bodies burnt by artillery fire and napalm. The buildings, warring with the thickets of lance-like rifles, groaned in the pitch-black night, alive with the endless screams of people who could find no way to live save tearing one another to pieces.   The sky dropped earthwards with the falling barrel, the distance between it and the machine guns and the gore-drenched bodies beneath less than the distance that divides the 50mm lens in the bag from the 55mm lens on the camera. The barrel takes seven seconds... more
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About Bidayyat's production "Being Good So Far" part 2 by Orwa Al Mokdad written by Emma Farne'


Il cortometraggio di un giovane siriano Siria, ecco Aleppo come non l'avete mai vista Orwa al Mokdad è un 29enne di Deraa e attraverso Bidayyat, ong siriana, mostra in "Being Good so Far" quello che, secondo lui, "non si vede sui media". Di sé dice: "Non sono un turista, né un giornalista. Sono un cittadino siriano e questa è la mia rivoluzione"   Orwa al Mokdad Siria, bombardamenti ad Aleppo. Almeno 16 morti Siria, pioggia di bombe ad Aleppo: 40 morti in 24 ore Siria, strage di bambini ad Aleppo Satira e caricature, gli arabi deridono i militanti dello Stato Islamico Condividi L'Aleppo siriana come la Berlino di Rossellini in... more

Being Good So Far 2


  Two years passed since my first visit to Aleppo, meanwhile Al Forkan battle has started in which several areas have been liberated in Aleppo. The first time I've been able to set my Camera without being questioned was at Al Shaar liberated street in Aleppo, though Al Shaar Market was heavily targeted by regimes' air and land strikes, still it was full of lively colors, the thing that pushed me to make a film about this market entitled "Being Good So Far" to present a different side of this city from what's promoted on media. I've spent a long period in the... more