"9½ -that's the age of Maha, a Syrian girl and the only survivor of her family. Left on her own, with a picture of her family all that is left, she embarks on a journey in her world made up of the visual experiences she accumulated and witnessed in the Syrian situation. During this journey, Maha makes unusual friends, with her imagination guiding her with sarcasm through this difficult world.       Director: Syrialism Duration: 07:34 min Year of production: 2015 Produced by: Bidayyat
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If the "MiG" didn't show up, it could've been just another ordinary day. But it was there, looking for love to shatter, and blow away the features of my exile the "camp", palestine's twin. The bedroom, the beautiful nights and the morning coffee were all exposed to the streets and the main square. At that very moment, Dunia my love and my wife, was dead to me. This movie is about the Palestinian refugee camp "al Yarmouk" on December 16th, when it was attacked by the Syrian regime's "MiGs", as a punishment for sheltering displaced Syrians & Palestinians whom lost their neighborhoods due... more
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