A home on a rainbow


  “3 years ago, the inhabitants of “Al Marj” refugee camp located in the Bikaa Valley, fled from different regions in Syria to find refuge in Lebanon. Instead of finding a safe haven, they were subjected to a sudden order of evacuation on the grounds of the tents being in proximity to a military zone. The authorities granted the refugees only 5 days to dismantle their laboriously built tents, without offering any alternative settlement option.”   Director: Rami Nihawi, Lina Alabed and Nadim Deaibes Duration: 14:14 min Year of production: 2015 Produced by: Bidayyat

Portrait of BIDAYYAT in the Daily Star Lebanon, by Jim Quilty


Earlier this month at the FIDMarseille international film festival, the Competition Grand Prize went to a feature-length documentary called “Our Terrible Country.” This Syrian-Lebanese co-production was co-directed by Mohammed Ali Atassi and Ziad Homsi, Syrian filmmakers of two generations. A road movie of sorts, “Our Terrible Country” documents another inter-generational relationship. It follows dissident Syrian intellectual Yassin Haj Saleh as he treks from Douma, northeast of Damascus, to Raqqa, the northern town where he was born, then into exile in Turkey. It is an emotional passage. Haj Saleh was forced to leave his wife in Douma. Homsi, who accompanied the dissident... more
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"Taste of cement" a film by Ziad Khalthoum


  "Taste of cement", explores the impact that the destruction and fighting in Syria has on the lives of Syrian construction workers living in Lebanon, taking a close look at the thorny relationship between the workers and the society around them and the details of their daily lives, whether at the construction sites themselves or the hostels where they stay.      Director: Ziad Khalthoum Produced by Bidayyat and BASIS BERLIN Filmproduktion Year of production: 2017  
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Passport - a film by Yasser Kassab


Beirut, the city of war and the gateway to Europe for Syria's youth, is actually harsher than expected. The doors of the embassies are not wide open. As Lebanon is not. It is full of obstacles and boundaries, empty and scary streets, to find a place to live is utmost difficult, and the high cost of living make an attempt to start a new life in this city almost impossible. This film deals with the disappointment and frustration of Rima, the main person of this documentary film that explores the expected dreams and harsh realities of leaving, belonging, going back from... more
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