"Houses without doors", a film by Avo Kaprealian


The film portrays the changes in the life of an Armenian family on Aleppo’s frontline in Al Midan, an area that brought shelter to the persecuted Armenians 100 years ago and today to many displaced Syrians. From the balcony of his home, the director films with a small camera the changes in his neighborhood and his own family, interweaving his images with extracts from classical films to illustrate the parallels between the Armenian genocide and Syrians’ reality today.     Produced by Bidayyat 2015
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This film was born at the frontline of the outskirts of Damascus between the suburb of Jobar and the Abbasyeen Square in central Damascus, born between life and death, between beginnings and endings, between the rebel Free Syrian Army and the Syrian's regime  army, between the sniper and his rifle, between the voice of Fayrouz and the sound of bullets   Director: Saeed Albatal and Ghiath-Had Duration: 12:40  Year of production: 2014 Produced by: Bidayyat and Sam Lenses
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