Now: End of Season


Now:End of Season. The day dawns on Izmir, the big port city of Turkey. On the phone, a translator gets impatient … What’s the connection between the Syrian refugees crisis of 2016, and that phone call from Assad the father to Ronald Reagan, thirty years before ? End of Season is very careful about not drawing a line between these two events. Completely un-contexttualized, the taping is only evocative : it instills the series of waiting and stand-still, the feeling of a dangerous diplomatic situation, the underlying disdain between the East and the West. On screen, the passing images are presented as... more

Now: End of season


  Garage Izmir is in the middle of the long migratory journey that thousands of Syrian refugees pass through daily to take the sea route to Europe, after a long wait in Turkey. Will this journey be delayed one more day?   Director: Ayman Nahle Duration: 20:00 Year of production: 2015 Produced by: Bidayyat  
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