Cinema of Death


  The horizon splits the frame, a third of which unfolds destroyed cement buildings and then merges into the ruins. In the remaining two-thirds, purple-tinted clouds sink in the buildings immersed in black. The frame follows a path that leads to the destroyed buildings. From the depth of the ruins, a woman emerges. She’s wearing a black coat and a patterned veil and holding a bouquet of chrysanthemums. In slow steps, she proceeds to place the bouquet on a mound of ruins. She turns to the frame and says: The war is over.   It’s holiday. The ads of the film fill up... more
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The last screening: Cinema Alyarmouk


  Seven-thirty exactly   The camp’s streets lie utterly bare, nothing relieving the loneliness of these ruined walls piled one atop the other like books tossed down unread. The plants that have sprouted and grown in the middle of the road, they made the place more desolated, like some additional sign that much time has passed since anyone last came here. Even the cats have abandoned this street.   In the distance the sun makes its daily drop to the horizon.   A last ray lights the scattered dust of this arid sunset. The place is wrapped in a deep silence disturbed only by the buzzing... more
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Beirut DC - Ayam Beirut Al Cinemaiya


After its pioneer role in defense of Arab cinema, the festival and Beirut DC are both witnessing a progress in Arab film production and the essence of an Arab cinema that is still stuck in its beginnings, but discovering itself in new lands and possibly witnessing for the first time the support of Arab funds. Beirut DC, whose activities have reached an advanced position, proving its role in the independent Arab cinema field, from workshops to co-producing films, organizing Arab Film Weeks and helping in Arab film promotion, are the days for Beirut's cinephiles. Film categories accepted Feature length documentary Experimental Animation Short movies All Films... more