“Why do we film ourselves now?”, a film by Dana Araby


  After two years of continuous frustrations, and the changing fortunes of the revolution and war in Kafranbel, civil activists are subjected to a fresh wave of persecution by their former friends. For extremist Islamist forces in the city their principles now provide a new reason to detain, execute, and torture them. Hassan, Ayman and Raed are activists from Kafranbel, the revolutionary Syrian town. “Why do we film ourselves now” is a documentary film that interweaves their media and journalistic projects and our outside view of the town’s current reality.       This film has received the support of Bidayyat’s documentary grant 2015
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"Our terrible country", A film by Mohammad Ali Atassi & Ziad Homsi


Our Terrible Country’ takes us on the perilous journey of Yassin Haj Saleh, a well-known Syrian intellectual and dissident, and the young photographer Ziad Homsi who travel together in an arduous and dangerous route from the liberated area of Douma/Damascus to Raqqa in northern Syria, only to find themselves eventually forced to leave their home country for a temporary exile in Turkey.   While Yassin was detained in 1980 at the age of twenty, and remained imprisoned for 16 years, he is also one of the few intellectuals who participated clandestinely in the Syrian uprising since its earliest days in 2011. However,... more