Bidayyat Grant Announcement 2016


“11 projects - in production and postproduction phases benefit from Bidayyat Documentary Grant 2016.”


Bidayyat would like to thank all the filmmakers who applied to Bidayyat documentary grant 2016.

We received 45 applications. And In total, an amount of 80,000$ US Dollar was granted to 11 projects in production and post-production phases.


Selected projects:

Production phase:



Post-production phase:



The Jury 2016:

Sawsan Darwaza: Film Director, Founding member of Ma3mal 612-Think Factory, Director of Al-Karama Film festival.

Jinan Dagher: Producer.

Alfoz Tanjour: Film Director.


Word of the Jury:

A documentary film displays life and records it as it is, fresh, spontaneous, and in many cases is in need of a specific point of view to be highlighted and risen to be a documented cinema. It is only through redrafting footages during the shooting phase, and then during the film construction, so through composition (point of view of the author) that the documentary film becomes valuable. With the necessity of maintaining honesty and working on the drama between the characters of the film, the camera movement and the nature of the footage, and with all that it takes to tell the story, the documentary does not only reflect the reality but works on solving its mystery.


More than forty-five projects applied to Bidayyat’s documentary grant program. The jury was happy to read the written texts and watch the supporting materials which carried humanitarian values and awareness of the reality in which we live. This reflects the desire of the author filmmaker to tell his story, to dig into hidden gems of life, exploring and monitoring it, away from stereotypes trying to get closer to this reality as documentary films aspire to.

The jury worked hard to be fair and equitable and chose the biggest number of projects that deserve support. This does not mean that the projects that have not been selected were not good, but we decided that there are projects that have the priority in terms of subject content, clarity of argument, action plan as well as a realistic budget for the project.


The jury hopes that the directors work seriously to finalize their projects and complete them to the fullest, as we believe that there is an urgent need to let the world hear our voice and we believe that through the cinema we can achieve this purpose.


Bidayyat congratulates all wining projects and encourages all those projects that were not selected this year to apply for the next year.

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