Short films produced by Bidayyat at the British Museum, London.


“Filming Syria: Stories from the Jasmin Tree”


In partnership with the British Museum and Bidayyat Audiovisual Arts, The Spanish artist Juan Delgado will be screening a selection of short films produced by Bidayyat, at the British Museum London. Event Title: “Filming Syria: Stories from the Jasmin Tree”. June 24th, 6 pm.


The films:


“9 ½”, by Syrialism


“Being Good So Far (Part 1) & Being Good So Far (Part 2)”, by Orwa Al Mokdad



“Funfairs”, by Nanda Al Dolani


“Siege”, by Abdullah al­Khatib, Yahea Deea, Moayad Zaghmout, Baraa Nmrawi, Jamal Khalife, Mohammad Alsukari, Wassim Mnwar, Abdul Rahman Saleem, Omar Abdullah, Nawar Al­Youssef


“A Day and A Button” by Azza Hamwi


“99°”, by Rawad Al­Zakout


“Mig”, by Thaer Alsahli


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