Bidayyat announces the launch of its GRANT PROGRAM to support Documentary Film project 2016


“Submission deadline: Sunday 15th May, 2016”


Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts announces the launch of its GRANT PROGRAM to support Creative Documentary Film projects in their Production or Post-productions phases by emergent Syrian & Syrian Palestinian filmmaker

Submission deadline: Sunday 15th May, 2016



Criteria for applying


Selection Process

Following the submission deadline of applications, Bidayyat starts the process of studying each application to ensure the completeness and the compliance of each application with the required conditions.


Subsequently, an independent committee which consists of a group of professionals in the field of documentary filmmaking evaluates the received applications; this committee may ask to meet the applicant through Skype if necessary and then chooses the projects which will receive the grant.

The grant amount ranges between a minimum of 5,000 and a maximum of 15,000 US Dollars. The amount is determined according to the film production and technical requirements set by the independent committee. The amount is delivered in installments according to the work progress.

Winners will be announced by end of June 2016 on Bidayyat’s website and its social media channels. The names of the members of the committee will also be announced after the projects’ selection.


How to apply

Fill out the below form and send the application to the following e-mail:

Applications should only be written in Arabic and meet the full papers and required materials.


Application Submission Deadline: 15.05.2016

* Bidayyat apologizes for not following-up or studying any application which does not meet the full required materials.


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