Short films produced by Bidayyat at the “Human Right Human Wrongs” film festival


“Oslo. 16-21-Feb 2016”



Several short films produced by Bidayyat will be screened at the “Human Right Human Wrongs” Documentary Film Festival, Oslo. 16-21-Feb 2016.


The films are:

“Love during the siege” by Mattar Ismaeel

“Sage” by Hani Mawed

“A day and a button” by Azza Hamwi

“1915” by Gerard Agabashian.



The films: “Love during the siege” and “A day and a button”, will take part in the "Troubled Water "- the Human Rights / Human Wrongs art exhibition. 16-28-Feb 2016. Oslo.


Link to the Announcement on the festival website:


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