I love death


“Are we still the same "youth leader" comrades from the past?”

The revolutionary movement of Syria not only asked for a political change when it took the streets in 2011, but also to reaffirm the existence of individuality in society. Our personal individuality was brutally oppressed by the dictatorial one-party rule and the purely state-controlled organizations and trade unions, which attempted to make people ideologically uniform from the youngest age through the youth-based Baathist organizations. With the recapturing of our personal identity, we Syrians regained a public space to express our thoughts and ideas through creativity and arts. But at the same time, we are confronted with new questions. Have we really outgrown the Baathist youth groups that defined our identities? Or have those "youth leader" comrades from the past, who stood in rank and file chanting meaningless slogans, only reappeared in a new form, now chanting Jihadist slogans that are full of the same "state pioneer" spirit of the past?

Director: Aamen Alarand
Lyrics and Singing: Batool Mohamed
Duration: 04:18 
Produced by: Bidayyat 2014