Top floor - a film by Hassan Hassan


“For more than a decade, the sun and rain have been falling on the tin roof of my little room, thus telling stories of myself”

Telling the story of my adolescence and the beginning of my consciousness, my first love, the fascination for pictures: posters from theatre plays in the national theatre, leaflets of Latin-American movies and cinema stars.

Extracts of the famous poet Mahmoud Darwish (Who tell his story, inherits the land of speech and thus possesses the key to the meaningful) and the generation of the play writer Saadallah Wanous that was doomed to only dream of change.

I don’t exaggerate if I say that this room, my room, is like a miniature of my home country: Every day, the sun rises at its door and every evening, the suns sets at the window, turning the day of incendiary summer into a dark, cold winter night.

This film has received the support of the Bidayyat documentary film grant 2013. 

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