Al Qadisia - A film by a young Syrian filmmaker


“The battle is like life and people make the details of the battlefield, men of flesh and blood. It is not just a chain of events, happening to be shown on a TV screen.  ”

Initially, the director intended to record all the details of the battle with her camera , from the very beginning until the very end of the fighting. But as time goes by and the young filmmaker shares the everyday life and risks side by side with the fighters, she finds herself developing a strong bond to this place and to these fighters.  These fighters whose appearance initially frightened her, only to discover later - after a long period of staying with them not just a photographer, but as part of their group – how much they care for her, protect her as if she was her sister or daughter. This is what made her feel safe and allowed her and her camera to continue witnessing and filming the battle until its end.

After her return to normal life in and out of the besieged area, the director begins to wonder about the nature and circumstances of the relationship she had developed during the battle with these fighters. And she decides to explore her unique experience further in this documentary film, willing to face the difficulty of taking distance to all she lived and filmed in order to be able to accomplish this film.

This film has received the support of Bidayyat's documentary grant 2013

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