Operations - a film by a young Syrian filmmaker


“On the news, we constantly see people that are strangers to us, people that don't look like us, that seem to be different to the point that they cannot possibly originate from our country ”

The revolution is still ongoing, but in a different way. The daily incidents and reports have created a distance from what is supposed to be of our own making. The revolution of holding flowers, olive branches and banners is over, and on a new morning, the same young people went to join the front fighting of the Free Syrian army, though in different locations and points in time. On another morning, they successively met in a house of the Theshreen neighborhood which they call their headquarter. Here, people are preoccupied with life, but death is constant emergency. Observing the interaction of people with death, the death of their friends and enemies, made us reconsider our ideas that separated us from the reality of the ongoing war in Syria.

The film depicts the life of the headquarters where life and death, military and civil rights merge. The characters are civilians that carry weapons, and one gets confused about how to call them:  Rebels, Free Syrian army, and former detainees, Islamists ?! But this not what they are; they are people that don’t fit any standard ideas, nor can they be understood by being generalized.  

This film has received the support of Bidayyat's documentary grant 2013

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