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Creative Memory - Syria


“This project aims to archive all the intellectual and artistic expressions in the age of the Syrian revolution”

The revolution established a space for ingenuity that has astounded us, the Syrians, before even making its mark on the rest of the world, and we wonder,  where had all this talent in satire, art, and innovation been?
The outburst of the uprising against oppression and tyranny brought on a surge of these remarkable, latent energies, the spontaneous and the organized, in a way never before seen in all of Syria’s years marked by repression and injustice. History relays similar experiences.

This project aims to archive all the intellectual and artistic expressions in the age of revolution; it is writing, recording, and collecting stories of the Syrian people, and those experiences through which they have regained meaning of their social, political and cultural lives. Although most of the cultural and artistic output of the Syrian revolution is available somewhere on the internet, it rushes by and is difficult to find soon after its initial launching.

To create an online archive therefore serves a double aim : to gather and spread the messages expressed by the different artworks and other cultural productions and to help Syria’s artistic resistance, be it individuals or groups, to create networks among themselves and connect to the outside world.

The promoters of this project believe that it participates in the documentation of contemporary history, so it is crucial that the revolution and its realities are explicitly described, for both contemporaries and makers of the revolution, for the coming generations, for the whole world. It is an archive of national legacies; to protect it is to preserve the Syrian memory, a duty because of its total consideration of historical accounts of all Syrian people.

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