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“L'Alternativa champions original filmmaking that experiments with different styles and tackles different subjects - films eager to explore the world we live in.”
The Barcelona Independent Film Festival, l'Alternativa, is celebrating its 20th birthday! For twenty years we have been championing creative, expressive, original filmmaking that explores new ways of stimulating and surprising viewers, seeking out films that spurn conventional approaches and live life on the fringes of commercial circuits.
L'Alternativa features two Official Sections: Feature Films and Short Films. The Parallel Sections include tributes, premieres, work by little-known filmmakers and up-and-coming directors. And the L'Alternativa Hall offers a rich, jam-packed panorama of hours of very diverse programming free of charge in a unique setting.
The field of education and debate features the Parallel Activities, the Film Schools section, with screenings and workshops in collaboration with audiovisual schools and colleges, and a Professional Meeting organised with l'Alternativa Professionals (IFN).
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